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Make Your Dreams Come True Day

January 16, 2023
January 13th, 2023, is celebrated as Make Your Dreams Come True Day; this is to encourage everyone to live their life to the fullest and keep chasing their dreams! We aren’t sure how this holiday originated, but we sure are glad to celebrate it. Although we strive to grant our residents' wishes every day, we took this opportunity to make a few of our residents feel extra special. This month, we took it upon ourselves to make the dreams of our residents come true.

Ancient Egyptians believed that dreams were messages from a higher power; in fact, they would induce sleep to ensure they could receive more messages. They would use “dream beds” in hopes to receive advice, guidance, comfort or even healing. Various other cultures kept records of interpretations of their dreams as well.

When residents are first admitted to Cumberland Pointe, we have them fill out a small questionnaire to help us get to know them better. We ask questions about what church they attend, past work history, if they have children, etc. The question we love to hear most is about their dreams and wishes. Most of them will tell you that they wish to travel, go to places they’ve never been, while some just want a delicious steak dinner. We take their wishes to heart and hope to make their dreams come true one day.

One resident whose dream we made come true was Dianne, by treating her to a special day that included a shopping adventure and a delicious Mexican dinner. She picked out clothes, shoes and other miscellaneous things. She is also a lover of music and is always dancing and singing, so one of the items she was really excited about was her new Bluetooth radio/speaker. Now she can dance and sing any time she wants!

Donna was another resident that we helped make her dreams come true. Our Activities Team took her to Olive Garden, where she enjoyed a full Italian meal. After her meal, she got to shop for new shoes and beautiful new clothes. It was truly a joy to see her excitement with all of her new items!

Just because your loved one may be in a nursing home, doesn't mean their lives stop there. They deserve to have great experiences and continue living their life to the fullest. Whether it be our long-term residents or those here for short-term rehab, we love to make their dreams come true.

Our person-centered approach helps our staff individualize the care for each resident. If you are searching for a skilled nursing facility, check out Cumberland Pointe to see if we are the right fit for you. Call our facility at (740) 695-2500 or reach out through the contact form below to set up a tour!

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