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I am the daughter of Mary...and from the first day mom arrived I was, and even more so now, impressed with the care center. The kindness and professionalism of the staff are excellent. Everyone from all the disciplines are equally superior. I love the staff rotation in the dining room and that everyone knows her name and preferences. Congratulations on making this a home away from home. She likes everything about being here and that makes it so much better for me leaving her.


In my heart I feel so happy that my dad was in your care. All went over & beyond their duties to help my dad and myself. Thank you all so much!


My experience here has been great. The respiratory staff is really great; if not for them, I would not be going home. The nurses are great; very kind and caring. They go beyond their duties to help. Also, the aides are fabulous; they go above and beyond their duties. They work very hard. Everyone here, including social, activity & main associated are great.


It was a very good experience. Therapy went well. I broke my hip & now I can walk everywhere with a walker. The food is good. The staff helps you with everything. You push your call button, and there they are.They are very good and tomorrow there I go.


My wife was bought to Cumberland Pointe for rehab after an extended stay in hospital. She was also a new dialysis patient because of her many disabilities, I was granted permission to stay with her in order to assist her. The entire staff became involved in my wife's care. Disability Services helped her to gain more use of her left arm, and to assist her in walking, climbing stairs, etc. Our stay here at Cumberland Pointe was exactly what my wife needed. Our Cumberland Pointe experience was fantastic!


In our opinion, Cumberland Pointe means exceptional care, a wonderful staff that went above and beyond their duty. Even our Service Dog, Raider, give Cumberland Pointe all four paws! The nursing assistants were not mentioned specifically. I found them to be exceptional in their response time and willingness to help in any way. They were friendly & encouraging.


Respiratory therapy helped me get rid of my tracheotomy which was a huge step in my recovery. I chose Cumberland Pointe because I had heard the therapy department was fantastic and because there were respiratory therapists on site. I would not be where I am today without them. I plan on visiting very soon when I can walk in all by myself.


Respiratory therapy helped me get rid of my tracheostomy which was a huge step in my recovery. I chose Cumberland Pointe because I had heard the therapy department was fantastic and because there were respiratory therapists on site. I would not be where I am today without them. I plan on visiting very soon when I can walk in all by myself.


Great place! Would recommend to anyone. Everyone, from housekeepers to maintenance to aides to laundry are all so helpful. Anyone here would do anything for you and without hesitation.


The rehab was fantastic, the therapist worked with you to get you going again. Would recommend highly


I was staying with family prior to Cumberland Pointe Care Center, but I liked CPCC so I came back. Staff is wonderful. Therapy was great.


Food was good, therapy was good, the nurses were nice & kind, and the STNAs were very nice and took care of me.


Number one thanks to everyone for what you have done for me. The food was outstanding and very delicious. The Therapy, aides, nurses, and staff were all nice and outstanding. I had a great experience and I even made a friend who I will remain in contact with. I will come back to Cumberland Pointe if needed again.


The staff was outstanding. I couldn't have asked for a more pleasant experience. The nurses, aides, physical and occupational therapists were all terrific. Last but not least the food was great. Thanks so much to everyone!


Everyone was so wonderful to my husband, Joseph. Thanks to each and everyone for the excellent care he received.


I really enjoyed my stay here. All the people were so friendly and nice to me. I had no problems. I will refer this to anyone and everyone. My stay was great.


Our experience at Cumberland Pointe has been very good. Our needs have been met and the staff is courteous and helpful. If need be, we would return here.


I enjoyed being able to maintain as much as my old lifestyle as possible. Everyone treated me well, I gained weight, so the food was good. Ken from Therapy was very nice and good to work with.


Food wasn't bad and there was always a large variety. Housekeeping took good care of the room. I liked being able to get the newspaper every day and also that they kept ice readily available for me when I wanted it.

Jack T. 

The entire staff is wonderful. Bridgette, Michael, Jen, Deana, April, Carrie, they all did a great job taking care of me. Housekeeping kept my room nice and the hallways clean. They have, hands down, the best meatloaf I've ever eaten. It's even better than my own!

Brenda M. 

The nurses were always available and very accommodating to all of my needs. Jeff and Joel in therapy were wonderful to work with!


Nursing care has been exceptional. Taylor, Sherri, and Carrie all went above and beyond to make sure I had what I needed. Rachel was a wonderful aide. The building is always clean and the food is fantastic. Deb in Transportation was very accommodating and Joel and Carrie in Therapy were great to work with.

Walter S.

Aides were all polite and nice, they took very good care of me. Ken, Joel, and Beth in therapy were great, especially Joel. My room was very comfortable! There were activities available to me at any time that helped my recovery.


Everyone spoiled me, kitchen staff were always accommodating at 5:30 am when I went for coffee. Nurses took extra good care of me, especially Carrie and Taylor. Taylor went above and beyond, on a weekend, to make sure I got the medicine I needed and on time. Therapy worked hard to ensure a healthy and quick recovery. Even Nancy, in laundry, went out of her way to make my stay as pleasurable as possible.

Jack V. 

My stay was very nice. The food was good and the staff treated me well.


Meeting new people and finding old friends while I was here was nice. All of the staff have been great, they make a great team.

Jesse C.

Food was good, the ham and scalloped potatoes were wonderful. Therapy was fantastic, Carrie was great to work with every day. The aides the night I was admitted took such good care of me. The staff also helped my husband every day so he could visit me and that meant the world to me.

Eleanor U.

Carrie in nursing was tremendous. Many aides were great, some particularly better than others. Facility was very clean. Therapy was amazing. I made more progress here than any other facility I’ve been in.

Richard W. 

Everyone at the facility was very nice and respectful. The aids work very hard and were always busy. The rooms were always kept clean. The physical and occupational therapists were very nice and took care of me. Thank you all!

Donna P.

Everyone was very welcoming on my arrival which made me feel right at home. The services were accommodating, making me as comfortable as possible. I'm walking out of here in much better shape than my arrival. My therapists were very knowledgeable and got me on the road to recovery. I thank everyone who helped me feel better.

Helen K.

We would like to thank each one of you for the wonderful care you gave our mother and grandmother, Elsie. We appreciate your kindness more than you will ever know.

Pete, Jackie & Lauren

The whole therapy staff listens to your concerns from day one to help you get better. The Administrative staff and aids are always there to help with your daily needs. The staff kept pushing you but made sure you rested between sessions.

Richard S.

I have been here at least three times at this facility. Thanks to the wonderful staff, I hvae made great progress. Also, I am so glad to have shared my room with my dear friend Mary. For that, I am grateful, Thankful and Blessed. P.S. Thank You so very much for the beautiful, cozy, warm throw.

Irene Z.

My first experience was Hope coming to my room to introduce herself, what a nice beginning for my first morning here! Then came Dayre, asking if it was an okay time to clean my room! I came to appreciate the cleanliness of Cumberland Pointe. The meals were very good tasting and always an ample amount. I must thank the kitchen for supplying guest trays for my husband, Bob. My therapy progressed step by step with safe activity and teaching too. My strength returned to match my activity. To all the aides, kitchen staff and delivery, cleaners and therapy personnel....A BIG THANK YOU FOR MY EXPERIENCE HERE!

N. Archer

Cumberland Pointe Staff, I would like to thank you all for the kind and loving care you provided my father while he was a resident. He thought highly of several of the staff. Thank you all for everything you guys did for him.

Carol S.

Everything has been great! From the staff to the food. The staff work hard to please you. Love them all! Thank You

Kathryn D.

I want to thank you everybody for the love and compassion you showed for Tom and me during his stay. You are angels and do God's work. I can't say thank you enough.

Diane M.

Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers and more importantly, how much your staff made Rita's life happier in the end. She loved it there.

Rita's Family

I just wanted to thank you so much for your excellent care for Mary. You were as kind and helpful to her and got her leg healed better than it had been in years! I hope it doesn't worsen without the proper care. If anything changes and I can help her anyway, I would without hesitation bring her back to Cumberland Pointe. She was content and as happy as anyone could be in her situation. I will also recommend your care center to anyone who needs care, you have been so kind and wonderful to her. Thanks again for all you have done being so caring to her!


To the staff and caregivers- Thank you for all of the care that you gave to our father, Dan A., during his stay at Cumberland Pointe. It gave us peace of mind to know that he was in excellent hands while we couldn't be with him. Thank you again to a really great team for all your kindness and hard work.

The Family of Dan A.

I don't know how the staff at Cumberland Pointe tolerated me, but now feel fortunate that they did. They were attentive, kind, and patient with this broken, sour, and hateful old man. They made me better and hopefully replenished my inner kindness. I feel fortunate to have found them. I'm home now. I can't say I'm not happy to be home after nearly a year of recovering. I already miss the residents and the staff at Cumberland Point. I can't imagine a more fulfilling and competent staff. They made me well again. Each and everyone has a unique character. I couldn't have had better care. They restored my soul. Oh, and the food was good.

Donald R.

We also want to thank you for the care and support you've provided to Mom over the last several months.

The Family of Florence