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Cumberland Pointe's First Annual Car Show

August 29, 2023
Cumberland Pointe Care Center was happy to host their first-ever annual Car Show! Thanks to Tony, one of our residents and long-time car enthusiasts, he mentioned that a car show would really make his day, not to mention the other car enthusiasts at Cumberland Pointe. So, Sally and Cathy got on it and wanted to blow it out of the water for them!

With it being our first car show, we were pleasantly shocked by the great turnout of over 40 cars, tractors, and motorcycles! Our residents had a great time looking at all the vintage and classic cars in our parking lot. Tony and the other car lovers were filled with joy as they reminisced on their own car show experiences in the past. Many awards were given out that day including Tony's Choice Award, Administrator's Choice, Best Motorcycle, Best Engine, Best of Show, and the list goes on.

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors for making this event possible and to our staff members who helped put this together. Because of how well Cumberland Pointe's first annual Car Show went, we plan on doing many more car shows in the future. We appreciate everyone who participated and made it a day to remember for our residents!

Head to our Facebook page to see more of the unique, classic cars that came to Cumberland Pointe's Car Show!

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