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Finding Comfort and Care: Donald's Journey at Cumberland Pointe

March 5, 2024
We are deeply moved to receive such a heartfelt letter from a recent resident, Donald. Your journey is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, and we are honored to have been part of your recovery process at Cumberland Pointe. While the road was undoubtedly challenging, your words reflect a profound transformation from despair to gratitude. We thank you for your candidness and recognize the immense courage it takes to share such a personal story.

"I was hospitalized for more than a year. What started with a broken leg soon materialized into a painful, torturous MRSA infection. I was staged and hated several locations. I hated the infection, I hated the facilities where I was warehoused. I ended up losing my left leg above the knee and woke up at Cumberland Pointe. I don't remember a lot except for the anguish. Upon returning to the living I was a vile, poisonous, hate-filled cripple. I don't know how the staff at Cumberland Pointe tolerated me, but now feel fortunate that they did. They were attentive, kind, and patient with this broken, sour, and hateful old man. They made me better and hopefully replenished my inner kindness. I feel fortunate to have found them.

I'm home now. I can't say I'm not happy to be home after nearly a year of recovering. I already miss the residents and the staff at Cumberland Point. I can't imagine a more fulfilling and competent staff. They made me well again. Each and everyone has a unique character. I couldn't have had better care. They restored my soul. Oh, and the food was good."
- Donald R.

As you continue your journey at home, please know that you will always be a part of the Cumberland Pointe family, Donald. Your strength and resilience inspire us all, and we wish you continued health and happiness in the days ahead.

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